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The first 500 - only a small step for you, but a big one for the children!

A project from The Rising Lions e.V.
in Akatsi, Ghana

Would you like to change something? We can not turn the whole world into a better place, but we can start where our help is welcome and where we reach the people that are the future of us all – the children.

D. Krebs
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About this project

We – as “The Rising Lions e.V.” are a small NGO in germany, with few people but a strong network. Our organization was found in 2016 with the big aim to open a school in Ghana, where kids are free to learn for their lives, without any restrictions.

Our slogan “each one – teach one” means, that every person can teach another one – and all are able to learn from each other. That’s why we still started with the donations we get in the past by supporting our partner school with desks and chairs, school uniforms and other material they needed.

Now we are ready for the next step to open the school. We found a building, have the support of the local government and of the people living there, so here we are in order to find people who will support us with a donation to make all this possible.

A business plan has been created for the school which shows our plans and the development – it’s not only the independence of the children that’s our first aim, also an independent school at all is what we want. Only by the creation of a micro-infrastructure around our school, we can achieve that it’s able to exist on it’s own feet – then we reached what we wanted!

To achieve all this – we need your help, because every little step is a part of the way we go! We started with a letter exchange program, this year the first volunteers go to Ghana to teach at our partner school and to learn something – that’s “each one – teach one”!

The first 500 stands for the five hundred first donators we need to get the money for the first year of the new found school. The costs are at about 60.000€ - so it’s 120€ by each donator, simply said - by giving 10€ per month you can help the children, do something good and give others a future!

It’s your decision to give us a donation each year or only once – we are very thankful for every support we can get and even when our school is in some years able to pay a part of their costs by themselves, we have other projects and our work isn’t done.

Why should you give us your support? Well, the most important reason is, that we are absolutely honest in what we do for the children! 100% of the donations we get is directly for helping the children in Ghana, the upkeep of our organization is paid by our own, annual membership payments and the money we earn at our events – but the donations are spent where they are needed!

If you have any questions, need more information or if you would like to talk to us about our project – maybe you would like to give us your support – feel free to contact us, we are thankful for your help!

Thanks in advance – the board of “The Rising Lions e.V.”