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Closed "Save our Home!": a Cry for Help from the Slum.

A safe place for the forsaken children, the Sosolya Ugundu Dance Academy in a slum of Kampala, is in danger.The owner of the plot wants to sell. For 32000€ the Sosolyas can safe their home full of love and joy. Please help them!

Heike F. from Sosolya Undugu Familie e. V.Write a message

Save the home of 200 children in Kampala’s slum!

Kabalagala is one of the poorest districts in Uganda’s capital Kampala.
Many children there grow up forsaken and in poverty, without access to drinking water, food or education. For over 25 years there is a safe harbour for those needy children: the Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy. Here the children not merely get access to these basic needs, but rather are part of a big family, providing hope, love and caring.
The heart of the Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy is the so called Centre, consisting of a small house and a courtyard detached from the hustle of the surrounding slum, but with always open doors for the needy children of the area.
The centre is full of life. During daytime two teachers look after the small ones in the attached Nursery School, and the courtyard invites them to play, to sing and to dance. In the afternoon the Centre belongs to the older children, doing homework, having dance and music training in the yard, during the rain season inside the house. In the evening they prepare and eat dinner together or enjoy the evening with conversations and music. At nighttime the Centre offers a safe place to sleep for the boys and girls in two separate wings.
So on the whole the Centre is a place of safety, joy, education and fun for up to 200 children.
These works of the Sosolyas are now in a big danger:  The plot is leased, and the owner wants to sell it. As the plot has an attractive location, some investors are interested to purchase the plot. When this happens the Sosolyas will lose their Centre and the children’s sake will be to live on the streets. The only way of saving this important refuge is that the Sosolyas will by the plot by themselves. Required are 32.000 € (~40.000 $).
Help the children  of the Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy to save their home! Help us to preserve this exceptional project!