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Donations for Moshi Youth Village - as high as Mt Kilimanjaro!

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Felix & Kurt Denzel, Elizabeth Holland, Sabine Moebs climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in August. The climb is a fundraiser for the Moshi Youth Village (MYV) project of the Tanzanian NGO Foot2Afrika. MYV is a Center for Vocational Training for young people.

S. Moebs from Camp for Social Development Mount Kenya e.V. | 
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About this project

Felix and Kurt Denzel, Elizabeth Holland and Sabine Moebs climbed Mt Kilimanjaro from 11-18 August. The climb is a fundraiser for the Moshi Youth Village project of the Tanzanian NGO Foot2Afrika.

Moshi Youth Village is a Center for Vocational Training offering day trainings in arts&crafts, business and IT for young people without a complete secondary education, for local start-ups, small businesses and offers a women's development program. It is currently being built near Moshi, Tanzania. We aim to contribute the funds for the restrooms.

Each time you donate $1 or 1€, you motivate us to climb 1 meter. When we summit (along with your donations), Mount Kilimanjaro will be clearly visible here in our news section.

Every little helps - whether you donate €/$ 2, €/$ 200 or €/$ 2000.

Please follow our updates in the news section.

Team Kili4Moshi Youth Village
Kurt Denzel is managing director of one of the planning offices in the Werner Sobek Gruppe in Stuttgart, an experienced mountaineer, married with two children; he plays the clarinet at Stadtkapelle Kirchheim unter Teck and is an Africa enthusiast. He is an active member of the Lions-Club Nürtingen-Teck/Neuffen and an enthusiastic fan of Bayern München.
Felix Denzel, the oldest son of Kurt Denzel, is a budding business manager for the construction industry and a student at Hochschule Biberach in cooperation with Ed. Züblin AG. He is the goalkeeper at TSV Weilheim and shares with is father his enthusiasm for Bayern München and the African continent.
Elizabeth Holland is an American lawyer at Ernst & Young in Stuttgart, mother of three children at the age of 4-8; she is a practitioner of Krav Maga and an active member in the protestant church in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Her roots are in Dallas, Texas, USA. She has been supporting the projects of Foot2Afrika for several years.
Sabine Moebs is professor at DHBW Heidenheim and has been working for professional development of women in the Kilimanjaro region. She has been working as an international volunteer for Foot2Afrika and supports the Moshi Youth Village project amongst other things through fundraising and support of curriculum and didactical concept development. She is a member at and supports the organisation team of the Equal Pay Day in Ulm.
Updated at 18. March 2020