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Please help our monkeys!

Please help our monkeys and give them a chance for a better life!

S. Egli from Auffangstation für Reptilien, München e. V.Write a message

Please help our monkeys and give them a chance for a better life!

Currently, quite a few South American monkeys (Callithrix jacchus) of different ages and origins are living in our Rescue Center. They either come from zoo break-ups, private owners or confiscations. Many of them experienced horrible living conditions, were captured in small cages inside living rooms, without social contacts. Unfortunately, kepping those monkeys became a trend in the last years, but the appropriate care is complicated and even impossible without outdoor enclosures. This leads to a continously growing number of abandoned monkeys in our shelter. 
Even for us, the appropriate care and professional handling of the monkeys is difficult and of course expensive. They need intense medical supply, a specific type of food, and outdoor enclosures with possibilities to hide and play. Our animal keepers train and entertain them on a daily base to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Our Rescue Center is already bursting at the seams today. Therefore, we urgently need to build new indoor and outdoor enclosures to ensure an appropriate and happy life for our animals.
Please support us with a donation and help us to give our monkeys a better life! Every Euro counts!

Thank you so much!

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