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General Support for our project in Ghana - 16 Kids are saying: Thank you!

Tamale, Ghana

Waisenhaus Tamale e.V. supports 16 children in a local project in Ghana. Most of our work is focused on infrastructure and education. We organize fundraising events in Germany and support the project in an advisory capacity.

Theresia K. from Waisenhaus Tamale e.V.
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Above all, orphanage Tamale is a family!

For 11 years now, 16 children have been living together with a Ghanaian couple in a city in Ghana.

Most of these children are full or half orphans and have experienced some terrible stories. Fortunately enough, Silas and Sanatu picked them up, fed them, roofed them and taught them how to read and write.

We joined them in 2009 and have since been providing financial support and further know-how for a better future.

This is how our association Orphanage Tamale e.V. was found.

 We have started to support them in the fields of construction, access to water, transport, electricity and education. Together in close collaboration with Silas and Sanatu we have been able to realize one project after another thanks to donations that we are collecting from Germany.
 Currently we are collecting money for two active projects:

1.       For the long term, we are collecting money for education funds for our children with the goal to enable them access to further education or studies in the future. à Here you can find more details about the project:

2.       For the short term, a fundraising campaign for an excursion with all the kids to a close-by National Park is in full swing. We hope to be able to realize this trip this summer 2018.

 Since there are always unexpected costs (such as repair costs or small one-off expenses) that may arise, receiving project-independent donations is extremely helpful to our cause. It allows us to respond quickly to unexpected situations and to be more independent in terms of time. Therefore we have set up this project page.
You can read all the information about our association on Facebook (Waisenhaus Tamale e.V.) and on our homepage (

 Thank you for your support!
 Your Waisenhaus Tamale e.V. - Team