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Kiva Group Harambe

Kilgoris, Kenya

Kiva Group Harambe

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„Kiva Group Harambe” is a project of the Tareto Maa group on

Gladys Naingolai K. from Tareto MaaWrite a message

„Kiva Group Harambe” is a project of the Tareto Maa group on Members of this group are donating money to support the school education of girls who took shelter at Tareto Maa. “Harambe” is a word which is used in Kenya whenever people join their forces to achieve a goal together. And our goal is to support the children of Tareto Maa.

If you are not a member of the Kiva group, of course you can donate as well. But as this is a separate “project” within Tareto Maa, in this case it would be easier if you donate for tuition and school costs on this Betterplace page:

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