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green net project - shaping our future interconnectedly

Our vision is a networked, grandchildren-compatible society in 2030 with corporate good-compliant social, communication and economic structures. This requires an economically self-supporting network that bundles forces and resources.

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What we do

green net project moderates and structures the social-ecological change, without intervening thematically or in content.

We do this first in German-speaking countries and use it for u.A. the following means:

  • Ambassador activities
    • We make and maintain intensive personal contacts with various organizations. Through our activities, we get to know many players in the field of eco-social change and can therefore familiarize and network them with each other.
  • Synergy Meetings
    • We invite representatives of various organizations to get to know each other and to focus their activities on a project level. The meetings are organized and moderated by us and can be held off-line as well as online. Thus, further network nodes are made for a future suitable for the future of the future.
  • Blog & Newsletter
    • In our blog we publish regular updates and testimonials. A monthly newsletter keeps everyone interested up to date. We report on successful activities of the green net project, but also on the activities of other organizations and initiatives; We also point to exciting events.

Current topics

As a focus topic for the next few months, we are working on digital networking platforms. For this purpose, we are currently working on a series of topics entitled "digital networking of the transformation movement" for our blog and cultivate intensive contacts with the creators of these platforms. Our next synergy meeting will be held at Pentecost at the makers4humanity lab 2018. We have invited numerous platform operators to this festival and want to promote synergies through personal encounters and the development of a shared vision.

What we need

green net project is a project that lives on volunteer work. In addition to our commitment, we currently also bear our annual material and travel expenses on our own.

In order to ensure a sustainable development of the project, we depend on donations.

We have monthly fixed costs for our online activities, material and travel expenses, expenses for events and solidarity support of our club members.

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