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Donations Needed for Volunteer Work in a Kindergarten in Balan, Romania

Many children feel like prisonders without a future in Balan, Romania. That´s why it is important for them to gain new hope through volunteers around their age, feel supported and start to image own goals.

Patrisha W. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbHWrite a message

My name is Patrisha and this June I´m going to graduate from Highschool. But what then? Just jumping into the next school without any sort of break seems to quick. Like I´m missing out on something and I think that´s true.
Especially during the time between Highschool graduation and University one should see something other than the inside of a classroom. One should take the opportunity and explore the world, learn new languages, experience different cultures and talk to various people just to develop as a human being.
Volunta, an organisation of the DRK in Hessen, gives me that opportunity. With Volunta I´m going to do international youth voluntary work in a kindergarten in Balan, Romania from September 2018 til July 2018.
I´m going to assist  the kindergarten teachers and help highschoolers to improve their English.
I want to help the children to see new perspectives because many families move away, looking for a better future.
The families, however, that can´t afford this, stay there and their children give up on hope before even trying something new.
Through my voluntary work, I hope to reach these children, motivate them and show them that they do have a chance. I am sure we can learn a lot from each other and maybe one believes in themselves when one comes in contact with a volunteer close to their age group.
But voluntary work costs a lot of money. Money for a place to stay, pocket money, food, seminars and insurance. About 300 Euros per month and that´s why I hope for the support of Donors. 
Help me help those children. Children that are captives in their own mind without a thought of future. In another life maybe we would be on the other side. So, help me show these children the future they deserve and donate.