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Closed Working together for women's rights.

Together strong for women's rights and equal rights. Empowerment with the MUJERES CONSTRUCTORAS (AMCC) in Condega, Nicaragua. With 'weltwärts' (going abroad) and the welthaus Bielefeld e.V. one year as a volunteer in northern Nicaragua ...

Sarah P. from Welthaus Bielefeld e.V.Write a message

Hola, I'm Sarah!
I'm currently 27 years old, from Germany, a social worker, artist and feminist and since the end of August 2017 I have been working in Nicaragua through "weltwärts"(going abroad).

I work for AMCC - Asoiación de Mujeres Constructoras de Condega - a feminist organzation in northern Nicaragua, which has been pursuing the goal of empowering young women in the region for 31 years.
The mission of the Association which I believe in and work for:
VISION: Empowerin young women in rural areas in northern Nicaragua to care for themselves and mobilize for what they want. 
  • Gender Equality and Equal Opportunitys. 
  • Respect for diversity and sexual orientation. 
  • Equal participation in the political process. 
  • Autonomy and ecnomic independence. 
  • Personal integrity and coherence. 
  • Conservation of the environment. 

My time here is flying, the first months seem to have gone by so fast and I feel incredibly fulfilled here that I would love to extend my working here for another year and look forward to your support!
If you're still having difficulty imagining what it is I'm doing here and why, my blog may help you, you can read my reports in which I try to share my thoughts, feelings and my experiences here:
capitanescapar(mostly in german)

The year is partly funded by Weltwärts, the developmental volunteer program of the Federal Minitry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
The goal is to enable young people to organize and engage in education, health, the environment, agriculture, culture or human rights in the southern hemisphere.
Since my sponsor, the Welthaus Bielefeld e.V., is a non-profit organization, the volunteers are asked to set up a so called "Förderkreis" to support, through which a part of the remaining costs can be recovered.
This means that I would like to finance the remaining 2500-2700€ (about 25% of the costs) through sponsorships and donations.
This is done on a voluntary basis and helps ensue that the Weltwärts program of the Welthaus Bielefeld e.V. can continue to be provided for young people. With your help, we can promote and continue a cultural and economic exchange.

Thank you for helping me assist and empower women.