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An aid project by H. Fongern in Dasmarinas, Philippines

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H. Fongern (Project Manager)

H. Fongern
I am german citizen, seaman ( finacial independend ), 28 yrs. old and trying to build a better world.

I started, sponsoring gifted children with poor families their 4 years- highschool. A life without a graduation in high- school doesn´t have much to give for the teenagers and their families. Work as fishermen or "day- by- day" works can give them one cup of rice a day. Not more.

By having the graduation in highschool, sure, the teens don´t have super- jobs as engineers or in government, etc., but at least they have better jobs, like in the Malls as sales- persons, etc., where they can afford a small standard of living and have a chance to get out of absolute poverty.

My dream is, not only to sponsor those kids, but also to build- up an orphanage to give those, which are the lowest bottom of society, a straw to hold on and to have hope and a chance for a change.

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Location: Dasmarinas, Philippines

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  • Uploaded at 05-11-2008