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Conference for women from Palestine and Israel working on a peace accord

A project from Förderverein Friedensfestival e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The second peace conference for women from Israel and Palestine will take place in Berlin this October. To continue the work with important follow-ups, we ask for your support.

I. Darmstaedter
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+++UNSCR 1325 Women demand full political involvement+++

Women’s rights and human rights activists from Palestine and Israel are going to meet on October 30th 2018 in Berlin in order to work on a political accord providing alternatives and solutions to the Middle East conflict. The Canaan project already started in December 2014 and has been continued in spite of increasingly difficult circumstances.
This project wants to create a safe space for all the participants since opportunities for encounters between Israelis and Palestinians are shrinking in the face of the conflict. Hence we want to bring together female negotiation partners for a peace conference in Berlin. 
The conference aims to develop concrete proposals tackling core issues of the Palestine-Israel conflict. A group consisting of experienced and young committed women shall work on compromises taking international law and country-specific characteristics into account. 
A continuation of violence is not going to end the conflict in a sustainable way. In order to set an ending point to an ongoing traumata of both societies the status quo cannot be uphold. 
We believe in female peace-builders. We have observed how women made a difference in peace processes as in Liberia, Sri Lanka and Ireland. Women from Palestine and Israel have proven their potential unifying political expertise with social competences. Encounters instead of exclusion, mutual understanding instead of demonization and curing instead of new violations – those are the basic rules of promising negotiations. 
Referring to the UNSCR 1325 women must be seen as legitimate and equal negotiation partners in any future peace process. This legally binding resolution adapted by the United Nations in 2000 demands full participation of women in all phases of peace processes. 
UNSCR 1325 can be the key to a solution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. President Mahmoud Abbas has already announced his willingness to participate in peace negotiations and to welcome “1325 women” as negotiation partners. On the Israeli side women’s rights movements such as the organization Women Wage Peace ask their government for same actions. 
The "canaan conference" on October 30th will take place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin. The german government and several NGOs ensure the financing. 

In order to be able to continue with upcoming further projects, we ask for your support so that besides their time and energy, those engaged women don´t have to carry the financial burdon of their important work alone.