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Closed Donate for medical care of children and women in Afghanistan

Chak in der Provinz Wardak, Afghanistan

Closed Donate for medical care of children and women in Afghanistan

Chak in der Provinz Wardak, Afghanistan

At the Chak Hospital in Afghanistan (Taliban region), 90,000 patients are treated each year, skilled medical professionals trained, health campaigns carried out, jobs created, root causes of flight prevented, and sustainable structures built.

A. von Helmolt from K. z. Förderung med. und hum. Hilfe in Afghanistan | 
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About this project

In the Chak-Hospital in the difficult to reach mountains of Afghanistan sick people are treated and lives are saved. In addition, the hospital trains medical professionals, secures jobs in the region and even has its own school. Thus, the project makes the most effective contribution to the fight against causes of flight.

In the last month
- 730 inpatients were treated
- 6400 outpatients were treated
- of these, 76% were women and children
- of the inpatients 4 can read and write. 4!
- out of the adult inpatients treated only 12 have their own income

Donate now for medical care at Chak Hospital. The project has been working for 26 years, the money is going where it's needed, and the beneficiaries are incredibly grateful for your help. They know that without help from the west they would not have any chance of health care.

General information about the Chak Hospital

The Chak-Hospital, three and a half hours south-west of Kabul, which has been operating in the Taliban area saves lives, treats the sick, trains medical professionals and creates and secures jobs.

The hospital, financed by private donations, has been set up by Karla Schefter in 1991 and is run by the non-profit association C.P.H.A. Committee for the Promotion of Medical and Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan. Only Afghan employees work in the hospital.
Since the refugee influx in Europe since the end of 2015, the necessary donation sum for the operating costs in the amount of 800,000, - € annually no longer accumulate. When the last provisions are exhausted, sick patients have to be turned down or the first doctors have to be discharged.
Every year, up to 90,000 patients are treated. The hospital employs 78 Afghan doctors and professionals (women and men), who provide livelihoods for 78 clans (up to 38 people each), thereby concretely eliminating the causes of flight for their children. The children of the employees have their own schoold an are beeing taught well.
Reviews from experts of the hospital:

Ulrich Tilgner (german TV reporter): "It's the only project that really works and works sustainably."
German Ambassador: "She (Karla Schefter) has done more than a battalion of soldiers can do it."

Further information can be found on the homepage

With financial support, you can ensure medical care. Afghanistan's humanitarian aid has now fallen by the wayside due to the lack of security and structural deficiencies.
We look forward to joining and securing a sustainable project developed in wartime as a showpiece for other activities in extremely difficult situations. "A path leads over every mountain." (afgh. proverb)

Alexander von Bullion & Agnes von Helmolt
Updated at 01. April 2020