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A smile for refugee kids in Beiraut - Lebanon 2018

We want to go and be a helping presence to the local school and church in Beirut that we have a partnership with. We will seek to bless and encourage the children there, who come from various nations, through putting on a week long kids camp.

Robert S. from Kirche in Aktion e.V.Write a message

Libanon: Over the last years, as in many parts of the world, refugees from various countries have flooded in Libanon. Many of these young people and families are fleeing from the neighboring Syria into the Beirut area. Camps have been set up in and around Beirut. This also means that the children of these families now make up the demographic of the schools and communities in the area - this includes a school and church that Kirche in Aktion has a long-time partnership with in Beirut. 

We will fly to Beirut from the 20th to the 30th of July and spend a week in this school running and leading a kids camp. This is a time to assist the school, encourage the children, and continue to help foster a healthy atmosphere in a diverse group of kids. As well as that, we will help the church in any visits and work in the refugee camps in and around the Beirut area. 

Our goal is to support the school and church there in a sustainable way. This should happen above all in the form of monetary and material donations. Our goal is to generate 10,000 €. 

Help us strengthen our long-time partnership with this school and bless the children living in this school, as well as the refugee families that we encounter and serve.

When? July 20th to 30th
Who? A team from Germany
What? Kids camp, serving in refugee camp, helping in any way in the church community there

The subprojects are:
+ Strengthen Partnership: The church and school are in a strategic location in Beirut to continue to make a long-lasting impact
+ Kids Camp: Encourage children through a week long camp that fosters an environment of fun, joy, and unity.
+ Work in Refugee Camps: Encourage people by hearing their stories and showing care, assist the church in distributing any supplies or resources

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