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Funded #hipneedsyou - A kitchen for our Youth Centre HiP

#hipneedsyou The building of our youth center HiP gets an extension in 2018/2019. In order to equip our new room properly we need your support!

Katrin B. from Kleiner Muck e.V.Write a message


The building of our youth center HiP gets an extension in 2018/2019. The new building will include a new kitchen, a big recreation room and a media room. With our new building we finally have more space for our many visitors and can create even more daily offers. In order to equip our new room properly we need your support! 

The new center of our extension will be a kitchen with a bar area where we can cook and bake together with the visitors. Our current kitchen covers only about five square meters and it is always a challenge to cook for so many children and teenager. With the extension we will have much more space and we would very happy if you could help us to furnish the new kitchen. 

About Youth Center HiP:
The youth center HiP of the association "Kleiner Muck e.V" is located in Bonn. Since 2004, the institution has become a permanent contact point for children and adolescents aged 6 to 21 years. The children and adolescents can actively spend their free time here, participate in various activities and meet with friends. The children and youth center HiP offers young people a "free space" that often no longer exists "outside". The youth center is a place for chatting, playing, romping, crafts, works, cooking, listening to music and relaxing. The house is open daily for children and young people from the surrounding area. The daily changing program ensures a wide variety of offers and is designed together with the visitors. The youth center is staffed by two graduate social workers and student assistants. The life situations of our visitors are as individual as they are varied. Different age groups, youth cultures, social and educational groups, nationalities, children and adolescents with and without disabilities meet here. Most of our visitors come from emigrant families. The origin, foreign appearance, languages ​​and cultural identity are central themes that accompany their lives. The main goal of our work is to promote a tolerant togetherness and to experience differences in all respects as enrichment. Everyone brings their strengths to the benefit of all and can actively participate in the design of our offers. Everyone is welcome in the Youth Center HiP!

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