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Closed Donations for my voluntary year in an hospital in Camiri, Bolivia

Camiri, Bolivia

My dream? Becoming a doctor. Studying right away? Not my thing. Instead? Promoting the cultural understanding and gaining practical experiences by volunteering in an Bolivian hospital for one year! Help me, to let my dream come true!

Clara S. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH
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After going to highschool for so many years, one would think that the crave for learning is satisfied... I on the other hand discovered, quite early, that traveling can teach a lot. You get to know yourself, unknown cultures, languages and countries. That's exactly what I was looking for. Experiencing things myself, not mistaking stories and prejudices of other people with the reality. Realizing where help is truely needed and comming to appreciate our life in prosperity.

Since I was little my dream was to become a doctor. Instead of going for medschool right after highschool I wanted to gain practical experience in the medical field... and travel. Therefore I started researching ways to connect both things. On the internet I noticed the public funded "weltwärts-Programm" and the organization "Volunta" which offers voluntary services of any kind. "Volunta" is part of the "German Red Cross" and gives young people the chance to live and commit in an developing country for a few months. The volunteers promote the cultural understanding and gain experiences abroad, language- and personal skills. After looking through several projects, I decided to apply for a spot in Bolivia. Soon after I had sent the application and passed an interview I received the long-desired acceptance letter. Besides learning Spanish I will get the chance to experience different aspects of the Bolivian health care system and areas of an hospital in the small town Camiri. I will be able to follow around nursing staff, doctors  and take part in prevention campaings. Although my project is mostly funded by the gouvernment there are costs which are not covered yet. Therefore the volunteer is needed to cover 25% (approx. 2500 Euros) of the total costs by collecting donations. And that is where you come into play.

For my dream to become reality, I need you to help! Every cent can bring me a little bit closer and contributes to the general cultural understanding!