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Closed NG3O - Global Reach for Local Change

We believe that every NGO should use the internet to support their fundraising. For this reason we want to visit grassroot organisations in developing countries and help them to use social media to tap into the potential of online fundraising.

D. Prinz from NG3O e.V.Write a message

Small, charitable organisations often lack the resources to make use of the full capacity the internet has to offer. Most organisations simply do not have the time and know-how to use the internet to source donations. But online fundraising is gradually becoming more important in donor acquisition. 

Tom has interned with a couple of organisation in and outside of Germany. In his 3 month internship with a small organisation in Capetown, the frustration about the amount of money spent on sending letters to donors, motivated us to change something. September last year we flew to the Philippines to fact check our concept we developed. We met with different organisations and discovered that there is a huge demand for support in online fundraising. Most organisations are aware of the potential the internet offers, but simply do not know how to take advantage. Together we developed a concept to change this.
Instead of collecting money for organisations and sending them the donations, we believe it is better to enable the NGOs themselves to collect online donations. We want to connect European donors that we understand with local organisations that understand the work in their community.

For this reason we want to spend 5-6 weeks with each organisation to support them with different aspects of online fundraising. We want to lay the foundation for the NGO to start campaigns and find donors. Every local organisation has individual structures and projects. Together we want to develop a concept that suits the organisation and help them to take their next step. We want to support NGOs with the following topics:
  • Design a website and fill it with content
  • Plan and produce an image-video
  • Set up social media channels and develop a communication strategy
  • Start crowdfunding campaigns
  • Include employees into the process and teach the basics
  • Conduct workshops to give a deeper understanding
  • Anticipate possible problems and offer solutions
  • Active community management
  • Network with influencers

In the next three weeks you will find out how exactly we work and what targets we have set ourselves!
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