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Gemeinschaftsunterkunft für Chemnitzer Nachbarschaftsgarten

For our neighborhood garden in the Chemnitz district of Sonnenberg, we would like to create a shared accommodation, which can be used for our regular meetings and for events or garden parties.

S. Wagner from Gartenutopie e.V.Write a message

The district garden of Gartenutopie e.V. is an "Urban Gardening" project and as such an inclusive and intercultural interactive garden project. We believe that our approach to creating productive landscapes on fallow and under-utilized land can generate significant environmental and social benefits for the city.

In our garden in the Chemnitz district of Sonnenberg we rely on self-organization and the involvement of all those involved in the grass-roots garden plenum. "We" is a free association of local people who already have experience with (not just urban) gardeners and are actively involved in urban development.

This initiative was created from the need to actively shape our city together with other people and to create a neighborhood garden for all who want to participate in it.

The garden development on the approximately 3000m² large area was started in October 2014.

Shared accommodation for our garden

For our garden we want to create a communal accommodation, which can be used for our regular meetings and for events or garden parties.

We already have a dilapidated trailer that we would like to expand for this is to be equipped with a seating area, a kitchen and a small library. We need your support for the construction and material costs.