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School meals for children in schools for the poor in Nepal

A project from Nepalhilfe Aham
in Lubhu und Jhamsikhel (Patan), Nepal

In the two Mary Ward schools, the 600 girls receive free education and a daily warm lunch (often the only meal of the day). Help us with a donation for our daily lunch.

Michael Penzkofer
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About this project

Education for girls? ?
What we take for granted has not yet been achieved in Nepal. NGO Nepalhilfe Aham has been promoting school education for girls for decades.
Help us with a donation, because education (also - and especially for girls) is active help for self-help.
A healthy body is part of a healthy mind. In the very underdeveloped south-east of Nepal, in addition to school education, we support a social and health center with a nurse and necessary medical aids. NGO Nepalhilfe Aham assumes the costs for this nurse and the aids to ensure the continuation of health care. We ask for your help here!
The religious sister Franziska from Aham in the Landshut district built the first girls' schools in Nepal with her fellow sisters. Many people from the Landshut region support these schools for the poor and contribute to sustainable support.
All members and sponsors of Nepalhilfe Aham volunteer without any administrative costs. Every donation goes directly to the project.
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