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DIPG Fighter – United against childhood brain cancer

A project from Stiftung für Innovative Medizin
in München, Germany

Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a malignant brain tumor affecting young children. Most children die within few months after diagnosis. There is no cure. Help us change that!

Alexander B.
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About this project

United for a childhood without cancer
This is the Foundation for Innovative Medicine’s primary mission on which it’s dedicated team of medical doctors, scientists and affected families are working tirelessly. 
DIPG Fighter – United against childhood brain cancer is the Foundation’s main project, which is aiming to identify novel therapy options for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). DIPG is the deadliest of all pediatric brain tumors. Despite tremendous advances in research and treatment of other childhood malignancies, DIPG is still associated with a median survival rate of only 11 months after diagnosis. 90% of children die within 18 months of their diagnosis. To date there is no cure nor a significantly life-prolonging treatment. It is our mission to identify new and effective treatment options for affected children through the development of innovative biotechnologies and application of cutting-edge research methods.
To this end, we established a research laboratory at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, where the Foundation is supporting several translational research projects initiated and lead by Dr. Alexander Beck. 
In addition, there is a lively exchange between our research team and affected families. The experience, feedback and involvement of those families is invaluable to our work.
Despite malignant brain tumors being the leading cause of childhood death in Germany and other developed countries, most of the entities (including DIPG) are categorized as so-called “rare diseases”. These diseases experience a disproportionate lack of awareness and funding which is why the Foundation relies mainly on donations to conduct its projects. 
We are eternally grateful for all the families, individuals, clubs and societies, companies and benefactors who are supporting our fight against this deadly and hopeless disease. 

Please join our fight and support our projects today! 

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