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Closed INTEGRATION CIRCLES culture of consciousness for mental health (r)evolution

The MIND Foundation INTEGRATION CIRCLES support people with extraordinary experiences to make the most out of these and to minimize possible harm. The project is planned to be piloted and evaluated in 2018/19.

H. Jungaberle from Akademie für Soziales Lernen & BildungsinnovationWrite a message

Improving mental health is one of the greatest potentials for humane social development. The Integration Circles are building blocks of our initiative for an applied culture of consciousness in therapy and (work)life. With € 354 pro participant of the Integration Circles you invest in the development, implementation and evaluation of a progressive intervention in the health system. At the same time, the Integration Circles are a learning field for positive psychology and humane values.

1/3 of the population per year demonstrates one or more clinically significant mental disorder. Numbers above average of young people are affected. The classical instruments of the health system fail. To some extent this mental health problem can only be solved by a "R(adical) evolution" of our attitudes and methods. One component of this is the psychedelic experience. There is promising scientific evidence for the efficacy of psilocybin and MDMA as possible part of a legal psychotherapeutic treatment for depression, anxiety and trauma. Knowledge and acceptance of these forms of treatment are still scarce. In addition, it is about supporting those people who engage in such experiences outside the health care system – often at the border between positive development and self-endangerment.

The MIND Foundation supports people in minimizing harm and enhancing their potentials. We develop and conduct research on workshops & advanced trainings that help people – after experiencing psychoactive substances or non-pharmacological methods – to overcome difficulties and to raise their potential.

Anna (34 years old, mother of 2 children): "After almost 10 years of no experience in this area, I tried MDMA again two months ago. Before I had the feeling like I was living in a dead end. Yet it did not go as I had hoped: even weeks later I had nightmares, sleep disturbances and walked through the world with a feeling of being alien to myself ".

Moritz (58, computer scientist): "I have cancer, tried everything, now I've come to alternative methods, but there's no one I can talk to about my psilocybin sessions – psychotherapists want to give me an addiction diagnosis. At the same time I feel much better than half a year ago. "

Your donation enables us to develop and evaluate the Integration Circles as a serious offer in the healthcare system.