Funded Cashew Nuts with an Eco Label from Flores

An aid project by “Für Frauen in Flores e.V.” (B. Wallner) in Maumere NTT, Indonesia

B. Wallner (Project Manager)

B. Wallner
Following the success of our “Bliran Sina” ikat weaving project in Watublapi and the surrounding area that involved approximately eighty women as participants, we launched another project in 2008: selling cashew nuts that grow on Flores in large quantities and are of excellent quality.
Working together with Swisscontact, we will begin to train a small group of about ten women.
The members of the group will do everything themselves – from harvesting and cracking the nuts to processing them as “ready for sale” goods and transporting them to the exporting firm on Bali.
Swisscontact has obtained the certification of the cashew nuts as an organic product, meaning that these top-of-the-crop nuts will achieve the corresponding price.
Swisscontact conducts the negotiations with buyers around the world.
The first ten women participating in the project will instruct other women and also men and teach them to do this difficult work.
In this way, the added value will remain on the island.
The secured income for the families will lead to better educational opportunities for their children.
The investments for an oven and vacuum packing machine are still looming over the project, though. We urgently need your financial assistance for this!
We are already networked with Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM, Center for international migration and development), Aktion Hoffnung (Campaign Hope), Misereor, the superintendent of the Protestant-Lutheran church in Augsburg, Weltkirche der Diözese Augsburg (World Church of the Augsburg diocese), Werkstatt Solidarische Welt (United world workshop), Bündnis Augsburg-Asien der Stadt Augsburg (Augsburg-Asia alliance of the city of Augsburg), and various business people.

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Location: Maumere NTT, Indonesia

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