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Well construction: Fresh drinking water for children in Masaka/Uganda

Fresh drinking water is essential to life! The construction of a well in Masaka aims to ensure long-term access to clean drinking water! Diseases due to contaminated water should be prevented! Your donation counts!

Dominik K. from Needy Kids e. V.Write a message

Well construction for children in Masaka/Uganda!

Fresh drinking water is essential to life and still millions of people don't have safe access to it.
Also, the children of our community in Masaka are suffering of the major implications due to unclean drinking water, such as gastric diseases or typhus (an infectious disease which is deadly if untreated).

Currently the community uses natural streaming waters and a shallow well, which is far away to manage their water needs. A sustainable water supply on-site is missing!

The well is going to be beneficial to the whole community. Most of all children and schools will take advantage of it as we will be able to prevent serious diseases due to contaminated water more efficiently!

Your donation helps to fund this project and to make a positive impact on many lives!

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