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Giving the gift of a plot of rainforest

A project from OroVerde - Die Tropenwaldstiftung
in Sierra del Lacandon, Guatemala

Let us secure the heart of the national park by supporting our local partner in purchasing the land. Let us protect a fascinating part of the rainforest!

Vivien B.
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About this project

Naranjitos is a particularly important region, a beautiful spot on the face of the earth that is all the more unique due to the biodiversity found there. Located in the middle of the Sierra del Lacandón National Park in Guatemala, the 33,000 hectare forest is among the most fascinating places on the planet. Naranjitos is the home of the scarlet macaw parrot and countless further plant and animal species. Scientists estimate that 200 species live on each hectare of the forest. However, in Guatemala not even the designation as a national park will ensure that this area will now be protected. Livestock breeders, poachers and drug barons are advancing further and further into the still untouched forests.However, we have the unique opportunity to work against this. Our local partner organization has been offered the chance to purchase 33,000 hectares in the heart of the national park and, by taking further measures, to protect it permanently! Help us preserve one of the places on Earth characterized by a unique variety of species! By purchasing Naranjitos, we can protect it from livestock breeders. Together with the local population, we will develop alternative sources of income that sustainably work with the forest, not against it. OroVerde’s objectives are to: 1. Support our partners in funding the purchase. 2. Ensure that the land remains a national nature preserve and is properly cared for. 3. Involve the local population (by offering training courses and seminars on the environment and alternative sources of income, and by training rangers) as part of the Sierra del Lacandón National Park project. (Translation: betterplace)

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