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LOVE FOR LIFE's mission is dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable change to empower people and protect nature.

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About this project

LOVE FOR LIFE’s mission is dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable change to empower people and protect nature. We do this through our three interconnected spheres of action.
We Elevate Consciousness.
We view inner work and personal development as a prerequisite for outer effectiveness and societal transformation. In trainings, workshops, and publications we raise awareness about social and environmental justice issues as well as inspire and empower people to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature to unleash our full potential and co-create real change in the world.
We Take Direct Action.
We create and implement social and development projects in conflict and crisis areas that empower people to fulfill their rights to lead self-determined lives in dignity and peace. Thereby we connect the social, ecological, and economic dimensions of sustainability, and the creation of development possibilities, with the protection of the natural world. As a result, we contribute to the global realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
We Transform Systems.
We develop and execute initiatives and campaigns to co-create innovative and future-oriented systems and emergent structures that embody a new set of values based on inter-connectedness, inclusion, compassion, and courage to promote cultures of peace and justice that contribute to a paradigm shift.

Our vision is one united world in which all love to live in. A world in which all life is held as sacred and everybody has the opportunity to actualize their full potential and to share their unique gift with the world.
Updated at 11. June 2020