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Support education - give a future: School fees and school material

Boma Ng'Ombe, Tanzania

Orphans in Tanzania, Africa, need support for school fees to be able to attend secondary school, and school material for primary school during the current school year. Education is the basis for personal development and a self-determining future!

D. Benz from Weltherz e.V.
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Education is the basis for personal development and a self-determining future!

The new school year has just started in Tanzania. Unfortunately, "Hope Home Orphanage" in Boma Ng'Ombe near Mount Kilimanjaro does not have the financial means for paying the school fees and providing the children with the much needed school materials. Some of the children and adolescents attend secondary school. Until they pay the accruing school fees, they are not allowed to attend classes and are therefore denied a proper school education. The primary school kids can also only attend classes if they have their own exercise books. Therefore, it is of great concern to Weltherz to support the children of "Hope Home" in being able to attend school also during the current school year. We are very greatful for your financial assistance!

Weltherz is a non-profit organization founded in Munich in October 2017 by a group pf young and motivated people. It is our goal to help children and adolescents in Africa and to support them in shaping the future independently.  

The decisive event for founding an own non-profit organization was a trip to Tanzania in Summer 2017, where Denise volunteered in a institution for orphans and street children for a few weeks. During her stay, she met a number of further social institutions, such as orphanages and children's and womens' rights organizations. This is how she got to know Sarah and Joseph and their orphanage "Hope Home", which they run with much love and personal commitment. This encounter was a moving experience - their warmth and sacrifice for the 40 children was very touching. Unfortunately, they have genuine financial and daily difficulties - from lack of water and food through lack of access to the children's education to insufficient medical care. 

Therefore, the need arose immediately to support the children and adolescents also in the future in making their dreams come true and sustainably paving the way for them into a hopeful future. 
Waisenkinder aus Tansania, Afrika, benötigen Schulgeld, um die Schule in der Oberstufe besuchen zu können, und Schulmaterial für die Unterstufe im kommenden Schuljahr. Bildung ist der Grundstein für Weiterentwicklung und eine selbstbestimmte Zukunft!

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