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Learning instead of field work - donation for a school in northern Ghana

Bulee, Wa East District, Ghana

The project "Learning instead of working in the fields" in the village of Bulee is intended to give the approximately 350 children from the north of Ghana a better future through school education.

João Paulo Fernandes Marques from eaubiquity e.V. | 
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About this project

The project entitled "Learning instead of field work" is intended to provide a better future for the 350 children of the Bulee community through a proper school education.

By building an education center in Bulee and housing a trained teacher, an application for a teacher can be made to the chairman of the district. This will give the children of the Bulee community a chance for a better future through schooling.

Review: In August 2017, the team of eaubiquity, together with the team of ProNet North, was on the road in the north of Ghana to distribute the clothing donations brought from Germany to communities in need. After a one-hour drive from Pronet North's headquarters, we arrived in the village of Bulee. The people in Bulee live mainly from agriculture. Children could also be seen in the fields. 

The villagers had not been informed beforehand that we had brought some gifts in kind. They were just curious and happy to see the "new" faces and so they gathered in the center of the village. We got to talk with the people there, met the tribal elder and the pastor who is a kind of substitute teacher there.

We were told about the current situation in Bulee. There are 350 children living there who either don't go to school at all or rarely. The school lessons take place under a roofing, which is very badly protected from wind and weather without side walls.The priest is compensated by ProNet for his work as a teacher with about the equivalent of 16 euros per month.  ProNet has also temporarily installed school desks and a blackboard there.

As with all our projects, we will document on the ground how our support improves the situation once we have collected the donations and the school is built. 

Help us to provide schooling for the children from Bulee, because everyone has the right to education.