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A project from Hand in Hand e.V., Bad Oldesloe
in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Education is the key to overcome economic and social disparities. #oneworld #socialinequality #education #tanzania #helpingpeoplehelpthemselves

S. Hölzemann
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About this project

It all began with us searching for a project to support financially but even more locally by manpower. Friends then told us about this educational project in Tanzania and we were directly off to Bagamoyo. 
After arriving there, we visited several different educational institutions, which are kept alive and are supported by local priests as well as by members of different initiatives (Hand in Hand e.V., Ondoka etc.) who daily invest a lot of time and energy into these projects. Among the supported institutions there is a kindergarten, several schools, a hospital, a university and a hotel, in which young people receive trainings in different occupations and fields. The aim is to prepare these students for an independent life in the free, competitive market after having graduated. 
As we are both teachers, we really care about children’s access to free education as it is education that provides hope and perspectives for young people as well as the opportunity to earn your own existential wages later on. This is the key to overcome social and economic disparities and inequalities all over the world. 
That’s why we would be enormeously happy if we were able to donate a computer/media room for the Bagamoyo girls’ school. UNICEF itself has emphasized that it is digitalization which that provides opportunities and chances to children to get free access to information, ebooks and exercises. In addition, teachers, who usually do not have a big range of material to choose from, can access material online for free. However, UNICEF tells society to be aware of the fact that social and economic inequalities may increase due to the growing importance of the internet. There is a “digital gap” as they call it. One out of three web users are younger than 18 years today, but at the same time a lot of young people, especially in Africa, do not have access to the internet at all. Therefore, children without internet access are left behind in this globalized and digitalized world! This development needs to stop! 
In case this text did not achieve in convincing you, please have a look at the following video and get to know the kids from Bagamoyo and see their happiness and liveliness: 

Thank you! 
Svenja and Simon Hölzemann 

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