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Closed Help us connect voluntary language mediators with refugees

TranslAid enables refugees to get access to consulting services; connects, qualifies and brokers voluntary language mediators to various non-profit organizations and voluntary services in Munich and surrounding areas.

B. Denzl from Münchner Freiwillige - Wir helfen e.V. Write a message

A successful communication is fundamental for any kind of support of refugees and the basis of integration. 
Due to the lack of interpreting services, four Munich organization founded TranslAid in June 2017. The project aims to connect, qualify and broker language mediators. The volunteers, that are continuously supported by TranslAid, accompany refugees to individual consultations and appointments. They guarantee that refugees understand the given information in various mother tongues as Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Urdu, Tigrinya, Pashto,  Kurdish, Russian and others - more or less 25. 
In order to prepare the voluntary language mediators as best as possible for various assignments they can choose from several workshops and qualify themselves. Cooperating organizations as well as engaged language mediators can take advantage from a dynamic and demand-oriented qualifying program. Better skilled language mediators facilitate consultations with faster and goal-oriented interpreting. Regular supervisions enable a long-lasting perspective and stability in the engagement of the language mediators.  
Since the project started in June 2017 we build up a pool of motivated and regularly engaged volunteers. A lot of Munich organizations profit from TranslAid in their work and wouldn’t be able to help so many people without the voluntary language mediators. At the moment we get one inquiry a day on average, but expect an increase to two or more with further publicity. 
Despite striking a chord with refugee organizations in Munich, closing an existing gap within the broad spectrum of civil engagement, TranslAid is threatened by deficient funding. 
Even with a small amount you can help us continuing our work of supporting refugees in Munich with their first steps - such as apartment or job hunting, as well as medical or therapy appointments. 
You want further information? Visit us on our TranslAid website and on Facebook (in German).

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