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Quality education for kids & teenagers in Kenya | Smiles Africa Charity

Nairobi, Kenya

We at Smiles Africa Charity are a non-profit organisation with the goal of providing needy children and young people from deprived communities in Kenya with a future-oriented education.

Mario H. from Smiles Africa Charity
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Who are we and what is our goal?
We at Smiles Africa Charity are a non-profit organization founded by students and young professionals who want to give needy kids and young people from deprived societies in Kenya the opportunity for a future-oriented education.
We realize this with the help of fundraising to finance educational scholarships as well as the support and supervision of projects and programs with a social background in Kenya.

What are our principles?
Our project is based on six fundamental principles:

I. High quality education
The education of our scholarship holders is secured by the payment of school fees and uniforms. In addition, our kids receive education additional to the school system. Through a mentorship program they are regularly individually supported and playfully introduced to the topics of their everyday lives.

II. Community care
Our scholarship holders are supported as a team. Your donation will be used where it is most needed, so that everyone receives the care they need to successfully complete their education.

III. Unconditional support
We support our children regardless of their performance. If external circumstances in the life of a scholarship holder make it necessary to change schools or provide tutoring, we work together with the families to develop solutions.

IV. Sustainable change
Our organization was founded as Grassroot Project - by people who grew up in the societies we support. Our goal is to promote the initiative within this society and so support sustainable change from the inside.

V. Continuous support
We do not take any risks when financing educational scholarships. The aim is to provide scholarship holders with long-term financing to support them permanently until they complete their education. Here we focus on quality instead of quantity.

VI. Working together
The school support of the scholarship holders also influences the life of their environment. The families are part and involved in the process, so that an effective and long-term improvement of the educational level and the living conditions of many is caused.

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