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Closed Our Sports Charity Christmas Fundraiser 2017

We want to make a christmas gift to the people in Mwanza/Tanzania by fundraising money for a sports and community center. How much this center will mean to the children and youths in Mwanza you can read below.

Jürgen S. from Mwanza e.V.Write a message

We are a group students from different countries who build up a charity project in Tanzania together. All of us have spent several months in Mwanza and fell in love with the country, the culture and its people. We all share the passion for sports and with our Sports Charity Mwanza we have the target to build one sports and community center every year in Mwanza.  

In a country with a youth unemployment rate of nearly 90%, sport is often the only hobby and biggest joy, while also providing a lot of stability in life. But there are by far not enough sports grounds for a city with 1 million people and the existing grounds are in bad condition.  

Our first sports and community center gets currently build in the district Mirongo which has a very high density of population. During the day the sports centers can be used by schools located around it and in the late afternoons it will be used by sports clubs. In the last 12 months we have already financed 90% of the about 45.000 Euros / 53.000 Dollar / 40.000 Pounds total costs. With this Christmas Fundraiser we would love to fundraise the last 10% now, so that we can finish and open the center in the next weeks. 

We would be very happy if you support us. Since we all work 100% voluntarily we have no administration costs and 100% of your donations go into the project work in Tanzani. When we go to Mwanza, we even pay for our flights and living costs on our own.
Asante Sana (Thank you in Swahili),
Your Sports Charity Team

PS (important): is also a nonprofit organization. You can support them with a small donation but also you have the possibility to set the automatically added amount to your donation back to 0$, so that all your donation goes into our project.

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