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Closed Winter emergency programme for refugees in Greece

Lesbos, Greece

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Closed Winter emergency programme for refugees in Greece

Lesbos, Greece

We help refugees in Greece. Help us.

G. Isler from HAMBURGER*MIT HERZ e.V. | 
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About this project

11,046 people fled turkey until the end of November in 2017  (according to UNHCR), via the Mediterranean Sea and reached the Greek island of Lesbos. The former holiday paradise for Europeans has become one of the most important vanishing points,  especially for Syrian and Afghan refugees.
After the economic crisis, Greece is now hit by one of the greatest common challenges of our time.
Together with the mobile doctors of the Doctors NGO 'DocMobile - Medical help e. V.' we want to originate  a winter emergency programme for refugees in Greece.

Registered refugees do not receive social benefits in Greece! They only receive a monthly allowance of 90€ per month. You need to know that medics are just as expensive in Greece. However, hygiene articles such as diapers are considerably more expensive than in Germany. The Greek government is taking over the treatment costs, insofar as doctors can be provided at all, but everybody has to pay for their own medication. In order to understand the situation  of Greece , you need to know that Greek citizens are also among the patients of the mobile doctors from Hamburg. Unemployment is very high and many people are no longer covered by health insurance.

The facts  in overview:
- in total, 4 locations are already supported in Greece.
 (Lesbos, Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras)
- we are also looking for volunteers like doctors and nurses who work at DocMobile's    locations
- the project prioritizes the medical care of the
 people (medications, medical aids, medical devices, etc.)
We cannot change politics today.  People on Lesbos cannot wait for politics, they're stuck there.
Alone in Moria currently more than 6,000 people are living and the number continues to rise.

About our work, the experiences of volunteers and refugees we report here and on our facebook Channel

We help refugees in Greece. Help us.
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Updated at 18. March 2020