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We Can't Breathe! Stop the Smoke! Make Biochar!

A project from Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc.
in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Smoke from forest fires and crop waste burned by poor farmers results in billions lost to poor health and lost tourism. We train poor farmers to make biochar to improve income and soil fertility. Stop greenhouse gases; improve our environment.

M. Shafer
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Save Your Life - Save Someone Else's, Too!
Stop open field burning of crop waste by championing biochar to create a Smoke Free environment here and across the developing world. The Warm Heart Foundation in Phrao, Northern Thailand, in partnership with Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc, based in the US, is leading the initiative to teach farmers to make biochar and stop contributing to a major cause of greenhouse gases and Climate Change.

Our staff works with local community leaders and farmers to learn to adopt new farming practices. The funds go to buy biochar from farmers and create a market for biochar.  All funds go back into the social enterprise to expand the production of biochar and slow climate change.

In 2017,  our "Stop the Smoke!" campaign helped remove 4.5 tons of smoke from the air over Chiang Mai, Thailand. We taught small farmers to make biochar from their corn waste instead of burning it.  The biochar was purchased to make fertilizers and other products.  This prevented tons of smoke filled with particles from going into the air we breathe.  

Starting in 2018, the funds will be used to create incentives for farmers to make biochar instead of creating smoke with crop waste.  Warm Heart is working with the local community of Mae Chaem to find sustainable alternatives to burning corn.  All biochar purchased from farmers will help replace the income from the declining price of corn.  Warm Heart will use the biochar to make fertilizer for the farmers to use instead of purchased synthetic fertilizers that decline in productivity over time.

As we get better at production and increase the scale, we expect to create a social enterprise that uses the proceeds to extend the training to additional districts and teaches farmers to adopt biochar for organic farming.

In 2018, we set a goal of 45 tons of smoke. For the same cost as 2017 (US $25.000 or Euros 21,000

Good deal, right?

No idea what 45 tons of smoke is?

     # One kilogram of smoke is equivalent to the smoke from 71,429 cigarettes.

     # There are  45,000 kilograms in 45 tons.

     # 45 tons of smoke equals the smoke from 3,214,305,000 cigarettes.

Makes you want to stop breathing, doesn't it?

Please, don't!
Stop the Smoke instead!

We need your help because only you can Stop the Smoke