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Funded Creative Safe Spaces for Children in Eastern Ukraine

Золотое, Ukraine

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Funded Creative Safe Spaces for Children in Eastern Ukraine

Золотое, Ukraine

We want to support children who live directly at the still contested front-line in Eastern Ukraine. For the youngest, we want to create safe and creative spaces and equip them with learning materials, instruments and educational toys and supplies.

M. Fieber from Libereco - Partnership for Human Rights e.V. | 
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About this project

Although the war in Ukraine has almost disappeared from the media, the conflict still goes on. At the front, shooting continues and up to 60 houses are damaged every week.

OSCE data state that over 400 people were killed since the start of 2017. The continuous shooting has created an atmosphere of fear, that severely limits social life. 

Children, of which the UN contends there more than 500,000 in the war area, are especially affected. Many children are traumatised. They have sleeping and development disorders and suffer under their parents’ stress. 

Through this year’s collection we aim to support children living directly at the Eastern Ukrainian front. We want to create safe and creative spaces for the young. Our Ukrainian partner organisation Vostok SOS has selected five projects:

  • (1) Zolotoe – Up until this day, shooting in Zolotoe continues. To offer the children some distraction, an afternoon centre for art and creativity was started in a cellar. The volunteers, who improvise as much as they can, however lack materials to work with. 

  • (2) Toshkovka – The war has almost entirely cut off the village from regional infrastructure. Nevertheless, the children and youth centre “Lighthouse” in the village is the only youth centre in the near environment. We want to replace the all too often repaired music installation. 

  • (3) Voitovo – The school in Voitovo is closed and the children are brought to a neighbouring village on a daily basis. Often the school bus however does not go. Parents and other volunteers are trying to make the former culture centre of the village into a centre of children. The authorities have approved the project, but there are no means to renovate the heavily damaged building. 

  • (4) Shchaste – The daily environment of children in Shchaste is dominated by armed soldiers, military vehicles and checkpoints. We therefore want to organise continuous psychological support for the children and their parents. 

  • (5) Stanitsa Luganskaya – There are two schools in Stanitsa Luganskaya but no place for children with disability. Volunteers have started a development centre to ensure their personal and social development, but appropriate materials are lacking. 

At Libereco - Partnership for Human Rightswe work voluntarily, which means that your donations will reach the children in Eastern Ukraine for the full 100%. 
Updated at 18. March 2020