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Closed Humanitarian support for people on the run

A project from Rigardu e.V.
in Subotica, Serbia

Rigardu supports people on the run, currently with mobile showers, drinking water and distribution of hygiene items. Since the situation of refugees is still catastrophic, we will continue our work and need your support!

Kristian P.
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About this project

Rigardu has provided humanitarian assistance to refugees in the border regions of Serbia for over half a year by offering mobile showers, drinking water, mobile phone charging stations and distributing of hygiene articles. The desperate situation of the people stranded in Serbia has not improved since we took up our work in February 2017. As EU member states are increasingly sealing off their borders, no improvement is in sight in the near future. We will therefore continue with our work and urgently need your support!

The requirements are based on our experience over the last six months. We want to use the money for the first half of 2018.

More information about our work can be found on our website. There is also a blog where we regularly report on news.