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YWAM Nuremberg- 'Year End' Campaign

Nürnberg, Germany

YWAM Nuremberg exists to mobilize, equip, and send the next generation of world missionaries, bringing the gospel to unreached and marginalized peoples.

J. Tft from Jugend mit einer Mission Nürnberg e.V.
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2017 is almost finished! This year has been a massive year of growth and understanding who God is more and more! We just had our “Community Week” together with the staff and students of this current Marriage of the Arts DTS. We invited a speaker from Argentina, Alejandro Rodriguez, and he shared such powerful truth to us for three days that it left a deep impact with our community. Truth is good although it is sometimes painful!

This year we have seen 22,800 people directly impacted by the ministries of YWAM Nuremberg. These staff, students, and volunteers have collectively invested 30,830 hours of ministry into our city and out into the nations. Every YWAM student, staff, and volunteer has given SO much, and it has all been so worthwhile as we have been privileged to see 545 people make a personal decision to follow Jesus! We have had teams go into Nepal, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Greece to share the Gospel of Christ. 

Unfortunately throughout 2017 we have not been able to pay rent effectively every single month. Right now we have an outstanding amount of 30,000 Euros that we owe in order to keep the building for 2018; rent is 4,000 a month. We rely on the generosity and kindness of others to help keep YWAM Nuremberg running. We don’t want to see these physical doors closed in the beginning of 2018, and we want your partnership with us to keep these doors opened!

If you believe in our mission and have been impacted in some way from us, please consider giving towards us in this time! We don’t want to lose this amazing building in the heart of Nuremberg! Our goal is to raise 30,000 Euros and to find monthly supporters who will commit to helping us run the base and pay the bills! We ask that you pray and think, right now, if you’re able to give. 

We live by faith as YWAMers in every part of our lives. Throughout this year we have lived by faith as a community, and God has provided for us in the past and we trust that He will do it again! If you have any questions please feel free to email us and we will answer them in a timely manner.

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