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Funded Emergency Aid for Refugees on Lesbos and other Aegean Islands in Greece

A project from Heimatstern e.V.
in Mitilini, Greece

Munich-based Heimatstern e.V. is helping refugees on Lesbos and other Aegean Islands in Greece who are in acute danger. Currently the islands are overcrowded and even basics like food, medicine and hygiene are direly missing.

T. Haerdle
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About this project

For more than two years Greece has been the first European destination for numerous people fleeing war, torture and persecution.
Despite hundreds of millions Euros, provided by the EU, the living conditions of refugees, especially on the Greek islands, are still disastrous. And in winter, the cold weather makes the situation even harder and more strained. 
While the official authorities are still managing the shortage, countless grassroot organizations have continued to professionalize their work and are doing valuable work on the ground, from first aid for newly arriving asylum seekers to education, integration, trauma therapy and job creation for refugees.
Without the work of the volunteers, the situation for refugees would be completely hopeless. For this reason, it is extremely important to continue to promote well-functioning initiatives.
In this project, Heimatstern, based in Munich, Germany, cooperates with small organizations on Lesvos and other Aegean islands. It is a matter of covering very basic needs, from tents to blankets, sleeping bags and fan heaters. Wherever appropriate, the articles are purchased locally, or particularly cheap sources are used to provide as many relief supplies as possible with our resources. While we focus on Lesbos we are ready to support similar initiatives on other Aegean islands whenever the need arises. We already implemented projects on Chios and Samos with partner organizations and this will continue, too.