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After-school care program "Education- as early and as well as possible"

A project from Freie Schule Essen e.V.
in Essen, Germany

The Freie Schule's after-school care program helps children who often come from socially disadvantaged or single-parent families. For integration, support and better educational opportunities! Against child poverty and social exclusion.

M. Morzonek-Kolberg
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About this project

Freie Schule Essen e. V. offers, among many other courses and services, comprehensive after-school care for children between the ages of 6-14. This includes not only hot meals, but also education, social activities, structure and security. Our facility is primarily attended by children who come from poor and often problematic family backgrounds. As a result, they do not have the same conditions as others. How well a child learns reading and arithmetic in elementary school often depends on his or her background. Very often there are deficits in terms of play and work behavior, language skills and involvement in social activities. 
The homework supervision after the common lunch takes place with an effective supervision ratio of 1:5. We are in constant contact with teachers and schools. Here we do not only supervise, but also support. The goal is to provide the students with the assistance that they do not have at home for a variety of reasons. Afterwards, the children can play alone or with other children. In the open play area in the house and on the outside grounds, a supervisor is always present for safety and as a contact person. Here, we make sure that the children move, play and let off steam after a long day at school. Since 2013, there has also been a "delicious gourmet dinner table" so that the children do not have to go home hungry.
We see it as our task to support and accompany the children in their individuality, in their development. It is also important for us to encourage discipline, order, respect, duties and tasks. In this way, we can offer them a regulated and orderly daily routine, which is lacking in many households for various reasons.
As a non-governmental organization, we are required to pay our own share of the subsidies we receive. Therefore we are dependent on help from outside. Donations help us to continue our work and to give children and young people a perspective.

Please help us to give these children a chance for education and a future! 

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