Stop Waste Of Lives-Create Green Healthy Environm

An aid project by “SALAMANES FARM Inc” (Y. Cabrera) in Inayawan,Cebu City, Philippines

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Y. Cabrera (Project Manager)

Y. Cabrera
The word Lumad is a term being used to denote a group of indigenous peoples of the southern Philippines. It is a Cebuano term meaning "native" or "indigenous".
They are the people who are the identified SFI-IP-target of the project that needs to be assisted, by transforming the community into a showcase wherein the lifestyle is basically dealt on organic –orchard farming to develop sustainable socio-economic healthy environment and healthy living.
Free from serious illnesses and conserving the God given nature.
It is along the above concept that the grant that may proceed along with it will be utilized in total purchasing of the land from the Salamanes clan.
As stipulated in the project, there is a need for the continuing education and training for the residents and develop their hidden talents.
We want to develop leadership and skills, technology, to be self-reliant in dealing with the orchard.
To be able to utilize the extracts to produce enzymes for natural medicines ,foods, and eventually operate the processing plant and certain facilities for the specific purpose of the given program.

The grant also will be the key in establishing a cleaner and greener environment for a healthy environment to the lives of the targeted people. As the funds will be also used in a series of diversified cropping ,and reforesting the area, totally free from the hazards of chemicals.
We need to rent an office, and technical men to do the trainings and demonstration of the processing of enzymes extractions for natural medicines, and other forms of processing from the crops that the Lumads are producing.
We need to pay our staffs, purchase vehicles for easy transport, and the equipments such as computers, telephones.
We need to educate the youth and provide them the tools for them to earn while they learn, as the things conceptualized by the SFI vision-mission.

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Location: Inayawan,Cebu City, Philippines

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