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School gardening project in Ambassel, Ethiopia

"Schoolgardens" will educate children about fruit and vegetables and enabling them to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods. You can donate for 6 needs: garden tools, vegetable seeds, fruit trees, learning material, trainings for students or parents.

S. Mestmacher from World Vision Deutschland e.V.Write a message

Our christmas campaign, “School gardens for Ambassel”, is devoted to collecting donations for three school gardens in the Ethiopian province of Ambassel. The project will educate children about fruit and vegetables and enabling them to enjoy a colourful variety of nutritious foods.

You can choose between six different needs to donate such as: gardening tools, vegetable seeds, fruit trees, learning material, training for students and teacher or training for parents and households.

The plan calls for the creation of school gardens at the primary school and the high school in Wuchale and the elementary school in Yismanigus. The pupils will have an opportunity to learn all about gardening. Each school will have its own plot on which the children can cultivate fruit and vegetables. In this way, they can learn how to prepare the soil, which tools they can use, when and where to plant which seeds and how to deal with pests. They will also learn to prepare different kinds of fruit and vegetables and what is needed for healthy nutrition. A wide variety of garden products will help enrich the diets of the children and their families. Parents will also be invited to take part in the gardening project as volunteers. 
The funds will be used to train children, teachers and parents from the three schools in organic farming methods for six months. In addition, fruit trees will be purchased in order to provide fruit and shade for each of the three schools. Although trees are expensive, they are extremely important for the natural environment. A great many trees have been cut down in the vicinity of the school in the past and the reforestation campaign is intended to help promote the recovery of the natural surroundings and the spread of native species of trees. We also plan to purchase garden tools, teaching materials and drought-resistant seed for numerous different types of fruit and vegetables with the donated funds. Please donate and help us put a healthy variety of foods on the plates of children in Ethiopia! 

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