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Supplementing and maintaining the equipment at Indian charitable hospital

Kirpal Sagar near Rahon, India

Ausstattung für das Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital anschaffen, diese erhalten, das nötige Wissen vermitteln, die passenden Rahmenbedingungen schaffen

W. Stadlmeyer from ks-plus e.V.
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Since its opening in 1982, the Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital has treated many needy patients free of charge. Step by step equipment and facilities are added. The costs are mainly covered by donations.
The purchase of equipment is one thing, maintenance and repair another. The staff has to be instructed and trained. In addition, the rooms for the equipment must be in a suitable condition or be brought.
Often it is supposedly small things that keep the equipment usable in the long term. In addition to commitment on site, money is also needed. Thank you for your donations.

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