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Closed Solar electricity for Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe

A project from Energy for Life e.V.
in Karanda Hospital, Zimbabwe

Frequent power cuts at Karanda Mission put the lives of patients in danger. A photovoltaic system with backup function can help. Donate for the system and see where your donation goes via blockchain technology. 100% transparency!

Vivian B.
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About this project

Karanda Mission is a hospital 2.5h outside Harare. It plays an important role in the region because no treatment costs more than 500 USD, simply seeing the doctor only 10 USD. If anyone doesn't have enough money, he/she will be treated anyway. Even from Harare people travel to Karanda because they have affordable access to health care there!
The hospital is connected to the public grid but electricity supply is very uncertain. Often there are power cuts during surgeries which is high danger to the lives of the patients!
The hospital owns a generator for emergency electricity supply but it has to be switched on manually. Therefor Jon, technical director of Karanda Mission, and Dave, our partner in Zimbabwe, had the idea to install a photovoltaic system with backup function for uninterrupted power supply. That way the mission is not only safe from power cuts but can also save on electricity costs and have more funds available to run the mission itself.
Dave finally contacted us with their idea and together we searched for a solution. The plan is to build a PV system with battery backup and an automatic switch. The system will be financed by donations, operation and maintenance costs will be paid by the mission. The special aspect about the project is that it is a pilot project where we want to try out a new financing scheme. The system will be connected to a BlockChain through that donors worldwide can observe how much electricity is being produced by the PV system and how much the hospital needs.
Furthermore, the donors can buy kWh of electricity for Karanda and through the BlockChain the whole process is made completely transparent. If the Karanda project is a sucess we will develop the scheme further to grant access to reliable photovoltaic electricity for even more people and social institutions. To make it a sustainable process, a revolving fund will be created that supplies safe financing for future projects without having to rely on donations. Please call us on +49 (0) 3643 21 10 26 if you have any questions or would like to get more detailed info. You can also send an email to

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