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Closed Joy of learning

A project from Deseret Foundation e.V.
in Jjina, Uganda

We want to buy a laptop, video projector and a screen for our kids at school to increase their learning motivation.

V. Knobloch
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About this project

Purchase of laptop, video projector and screen!

Dear friends,

our children in Uganda usually have to learn in a completely uninspiring way without pictures, examples and inspirational books and films. We want to support their potential development and improve their learning by purchasing a projector, laptop and a screen and with this we would like to inspire their curiosity and desire to learn.

With laptop, video projector and screen we can visually improve the learning material and also show many scientific and humanitarian movies.
Even movies about important personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Albert Schweizer can often inspire children more than dry historical facts .....

Make our children happy with a little inspiration, joy, motivation and enthusiasm!
Thank you!