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FUTURE VOICE | Protect - Democracy, Human Rights, Evolution!

Berlin, Germany

FUTURE VOICE | Protect - Democracy, Human Rights, Evolution!

Berlin, Germany

Democratic structures and the children's and human rights are valuable achievements of mankind. The aim of our work is to anchor these topics in the mind of the people.

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About this project

Help us to continue our work and to ensure an independent way of action.

With established sustainable project series, we are committed to an evolutionary process, which encourages people to become one in peace and true grandeur.

The further development and consolidation of democratic structures as well as the contents of the children's and human rights represent a permanent challenge in the view of current dangers such as right-wing extremism, xenophobia and religious fundamentalism.

FUTURE VOICE is an internationally operating non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. We give the future generation the opportunity to express their position on social issues, on children's and human rights, across borders, cultures and ages. The strengthening of intercultural dimensions, the competence building of young people and the continuous development of peaceful communication strategies are keynotes of our work. Art and creative expression are used as a mediative mouthpiece. Our work is based on 15 years of experience >

VOICE OF ART | Artists for children’s and human rights
VOICE OF ART is our series of Art & Rights events. The focus of each event is an art exhibition in which an international group of invited established artists will raise their voice with current works on selected articles of the children's and human rights. In this way, we want to strengthen the power and the importance of art for elementary social, political processes and to enrich the public discourse on the basis of a peaceful dialogue > VOICE OF ART.

FUTURE KIDS | Strengthening young people to participate
In our program FUTURE KIDS we initiate projects, together with partners of the educational sector, to give the voices of young people more power and range. Our aim is to work effectively and sustainable in the area of democracy education as well as children's and human rights > FUTURE KIDS.

Your donation
We are working with a small key team without an administrative superstructure. All donations flow 100% into our projects. For us, being independent is a prerequisite to ensure the freedom of opinion of the Future Generation and a successful action.

The change has to be made in the minds of the people - for a future which is leading us to a higher level of humanity. For this aim we need your support!

Updated at 01. November 2017