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Chennai's Euphony Orchestra needs your help!

Chennai, India

Transforming the lives of Indian children through the power of European Orchestral music - First time in India!

Lisa W. from IMPULS – fördert Bildung e.V.
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This year 2017, so far is filled with complicated environmental, social, religious, and political problems. We are a small group of individuals from Southern India believing in the power of music and it's cultural, moral and emotional influence on the world around us. 
In India, music has long been an expression of people and it seems that music served a general common purpose:  to bring people together, enhance their health wellbeing and connectedness. We believe musicians are carriers of influence, whether or not we are aware of it and whether or not we intend to be. This is especially true of the youth and adolescents of our society, who are still extremely malleable to the world around them.

We have joined hands with the German Charity Organisation IMPULS – fördert Building e.Vand German International School Chennai, India with an idea to create a children/youth orchestra, Chennai's Euphony Orchestra.

What?German International School Chennai (GISC) has recognized the importance of music for school children. With this project, our vision is to embrace a European orchestra musical culture for the first time in India, which will act like seeds sown for the generations to come. This paradigm shift in perception is an important step towards future problem solvency. Through this project, we want to give hundreds of young musicians a valuable foundation in ensemble playing, the incentive to keep playing and an introduction to the joys of making music together.

How? German International School will first identify children from local schools and communicate the vision. The Orchestra will be a unique social intervention which builds on the strengths of the community, using an intensive, ensemble-based music program. This is a giant leap forward in enabling the young musicians of our country to both unlock and continue to grow their musical potential.

Where? Since we have our roots embraced in Chennai through GIS, we plan to roll out the project initially in Chennai and after initial success, we have planned to have theatre shows and operations across the nation annually as our mission is to spread music culture in young minds across the nation.
Support need! The project will be fully funded through donations so you are the cadence. The fundamental beat in the music. Without your accompaniment, there would be no Chennai's Euphony Orchestra. The program will need additional funds to buy instruments, help students with private lessons and grow the number of young musicians that can participate regardless of their family’s economic situation. Your support helps to create musical performances, education programs, and community activities - all at the highest levels of musical excellence.

Contributions, no matter the size, makes a difference beyond measure.