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Please help our project in Myanmar!Children with bad eyesight need glasses!

A project from H.I.T.Stiftung gGmbH,Dr.P. Kaupke, Hamburg
in Mandalay , Myanmar

We test the eyesight of children in Mandalay/Myanmar, a cooperation between H.I.T Hamburg Dr.Kaupke , Förderverein Myanmar and Thomas Kosinski. With glasses we improve the learning of the affected children for a better future and a better life!

C. Sorgenfrey
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About this project

The goal of the “Children's glasses Myanmar” project is to test the eyesight of children in the 5 to 8 years-old age group in order to diagnose and treat visual impairment in it's early stage. Good eyesight is essential for success in school and unfortunately, eye tests are not a normal part of health screening for children in Myanmar. This means that problems with eyesight often go undetected having serious repercussions for young people's education and employment prospects. For this reason we are working in convent schools with mobile screening equipment to test the eyesight of children in the capital city Naypyitaw and its surrounding area. In this way the HIT Foundation can reliably check children's eyesight and offer those with seeing problems the chance to have a free pair of glasses. 
The project is being implemented in close cooperation with the Hamburg couple Sabine Bräuer and Thomas Kosinski. Sabine and Thomas travelled to Myanmar for the first time in 2015 and became inspired to become active in helping the local people there. In cooperation with the HIT Foundation a concrete plan was developed for the aid project “Children's glasses Myanmar”. 
The project is being led in Myanmar by Sabine und Thomas and the HIT Foundation has equipped them with screening kits, which allow the mobile eyesight checks to be performed in convent schools. In preparation for this, they have been trained in the use of the screening equipment, so that the tests can be performed independently. The evaluation of the test results and preparation of appropriate glasses is done by the HIT Foundation in Hamburg. 

Where do we perform these eye screenings? 
With the cooperation of the Förderverein Myanmar e.V. (Help Myanmar), contact has been established to 15 schools with a total of 2818 pupils in the affected age group. For the initial project phase from November 2017, 500 children from 8 schools have been selected. The central region is the capital city Naypyitaw and its immediate surrounding area. 
How will the project be sustained? 
The initial project phase runs from November 2017 to February 2018. Helpers in the region will be trained to sustain the project independently, and on-going structural continuity is assured through the continued involvement of the Förderverein Myanmar e.V.. 
Please help our project! 
A visual impairment which remains undiagnosed can have a negative affect on the entire life of the affected child. Good eyesight is essential for effective learning and a successful, autonomous life. With your donation we can give children in Myanmar a better future. Every little helps. Thank you!

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