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Closed Tropical Storm "Nate" Donate for Families and Children in Tola, Nicaragua

Popoyo, Tola, Nicaragua

Closed Tropical Storm "Nate" Donate for Families and Children in Tola, Nicaragua

Popoyo, Tola, Nicaragua

The Tropical Storm Nate hit Costa Rica and Nicaragua terribly. The Department of Rivas in Nicaragua affected most. We want to help families in need.

A. Plein from Eine Schule für Popoyo e.V. | 
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About this project

The tropical storm Nate has hit Costa Rica and Nicaragua terribly. 22 people have lost their lives. The Department of Rivas, like a state, of Nicaragua is the worst affected. Especially along the coast in places like Limon, Las Salinas and El Astilliero roads became wild rivers. Houses, bridges and roads were destroyed. Animals drowned. The basis of people´s lives were destroyed. A lot have lost everything. Here the economy had started prospering. More and more hotels and restaurants opened but now facing the destruction the future is uncertain.

Here we live. Here the NGO „Eine Schule für Popoyo e.V.“ wanted to build up a school for ALL children in the area. But now we are facing other problems. Surviving, drinking water and nutrition. We already bought some clothes. Families have to rebuild their homes, they need new interiors. And while the parents are busy their children suffer most. We can only guess how big the destruction is right now. We will have to figure out what to do exactly and what exactly is needed most. But for sure we will help families with donations. And we want to give children a home during day time while adults are busy. Therefore we need to reorganize the school building. We need to buy toys and games. Especially now children need a place where they feel safe and where they gain confidence again. Please help us to help them.
Updated at 18. March 2020