Blocked Rescue Horses in Mallorca - Hipica Formentor

An aid project by Christiane H. in Pollensa, Spain

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Christiane H. (Project Manager)

Christiane H.
We are a family with a riding stables in Mallorca and we rescue horses since many years.These sick and badly treated horses we have to buy of their bad owners to be able to give then a better life again.In this times of crisis animals are suffering first and there is lots to do.They have bad hoofes,skinny, sick and scared in most of the times.It takes long,but we give them love and confidence again.You can join rides with us or mountain trail to enjoy the horses once they are healthy and happy again.

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Location: Pollensa, Spain

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  • Our Banderin today..healthy and happy!

    Uploaded at 20-02-2011

  • Thes kittens were found in the rubbish and we called them Michelle and Obama .

    Uploaded at 10-02-2011

  • Here our horse Hidalgo,which is slowly recovering from his pain and wounds.

    Uploaded at 10-02-2011

  • Tis is our Banderin,who didn´t knew day light anymore.He was kept in the dark and mud for along time.

    Uploaded at 10-02-2011

  • That´s us with 3 of our rescued horses!

    Uploaded at 07-02-2011