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Suppot the light side of the Force: Solar energy for Tattoine!

A project from Rexergie e. V.
in Tataouine, Tunisia

By building solar applications (Scheffler reflectors) that are produced locally by locals in learning and practice courses, social and environmental issues shall be reduced in the area of Tataouine (Tunisia).

Sebastian B.
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Right this moment, on a continent not at all far away...

...a young Jedi is fighting for the light side of the Force: Abi Wan Khenissi shows his students in word and deed how to face the dark side.

❄❄ "Long the journey is and cumbersome, but give up you never may!" ❄❄

Like everywhere in the universe, the dark side is promising us much if we succumb to its lures. Read on to learn how you as an antipole can support Abi Wan in strengthening the light side!


In the area around Tataouine, which served George Lucas as an inspiration for Luke Skywalker's home planet, Tatooine, unemployment is high and good prospects are rare. In this situation, young people seek alternatives. Some of them hope for a better life abroad, others become radicalized. Yet others create a better future in the local area by offering sensible initiatives. One of these people is Abdallah "Abi Wan" Khenissi. In the past he - together with other people - has already built several so called Scheffler reflectors, which concentrate direct sunlight so that it can be flexibly used for useful heat applications, thus replacing problematic fuels. So far there is lack of funds to provide such courses of learning and practice on a constant basis. This shall now - in collaboration with nonprofit association Rexergie e. V. - be made possible.

The background to this is the idea to enable people - by competently applying and teaching/learning solar technology - to discover the relevance and possibilities of renewable energies, to experience self-efficacy and to develop sustainable prospects. There is hope that these experiences also strengthen peoples' resistance to extremist ideologies.

A course with 3 to 5 attendants shall take 3 weeks. The main target group are 18 to 35 year olds. Especially women shall be encouraged to take part In the learning and practice courses. If necessary for acceptability reasons special courses will be offered exclusively for women. Furthermore, special learning material will be produced that is comprehensible without reading skills to account for a not so rarely occurring illiteracy. Participants in the courses shall become enabled to learn the most important aspects to building a Scheffler reflector. Scheffler reflectors built in the courses can for example be used to do research projects or events to increase acceptance and awareness of the technology. They can also be offered to interested enterprises so that they can test the technology without risk. By that, a further propagation of renewable energies in Tunisia is expected.

All this is made possible by your contribution. Donate now for the light side in Tunisia!