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B. Blake (Project Manager), written about 4 years ago

B. Blake

We are not living in the here and now

English translation below:

Ahorita estoy trabajando en la memoria del grupo del Hospital Zacamil, estaba leyendo lo que dijeron en el ejercicio del equilibrio ellos y comparandolo con lo que dijeron las mujeres de Aguilares, es increible como estamos, tengo una idea que el objetivo para nosotros con este ejercicio era el que las personas estuvieran concentradas y mas compenetradas en el taller, pero al leer lo que sienten practicamente es un diagnostico como se encuentran en los diferentes grupos, a la conclucion que llego es que no estamos viviendo el aqui y ahora, por estar enfocando especialmente en el miedo, el temor, angustia, penas, strees, preocupaciones, pobreza material,  una mujer dijo penas y dolor que tenemos en la mente, pero la verdad que estan en el cuerpo.  Ese es el punto descubrir la sabiduria del cuerpo.

I am writing up the notes from the group (of nurses) from Hospital Zacamil. I was reading what they said during our Equilibrium Exercise, and comparing it to what the women in Aguilares said. It's incredible the state we're in. I had the idea that our objective in this exercise was that the people would be more concentrated and more involved in the workshop, put as I read what they said, it is practically an indicator of where they find themselves in life, and I reach the conclusion that we are not living here and now, because we are so focused on fear, anguish, sorrow, stress, worries, poverty. One women talked of the sorrow and pain we have in our minds, but the truth is that they are in the body. That's the point: discovering the wisdom of the body.

B. Blake (Project Manager), written about 4 years ago

B. Blake

First workshop with the young board of directors o

Estoy de vuelta en casa, cansada fisicamente pero muy alegre, contenta y muy  satisfecha, este ha sido un grupo muy uniforme, su interes, esfuerzo en comprender las herramientas y como utilizarlas era sorprendente.Ellos evaluaron muy bien el taller vamos hacer una memoria corta pero concreta.A mi me gusto oir de mi hijo decir que habia visto que todos estaban conectados con nosotros. Exactamente asi lo senti.Claro siempre  manifestaron su interes por multiplicar estos talleres.Voy a descansar solo queria compartir estas ideas generales y mi gran emocion..Un agradecimiento especial a ustedes, incluye a Caty.Un abrazo a todas.


Translation: I am back home, tired physically, but very happy, content, and very satisfied. This group (the Board of Directors of the community organization CCR in Chaletenango) was very uniform in their interest. Their efforts to understand the tools and how to use them is amazing. They gave a good evaluation of the workshop and we will do a write-up about it, short but concrete. I liked it when I heard by son say that he had seen that everyone was connected with us (myself and Catherine Torpey). I felt exactly the same way. Of course they again expressed their interest in learning how to multiply these workshops.

I am going to rest now, I just wanted to share the general idea and my great excitement....Special thanks to all of you, including Cathy. An embrace to all, Melba



B. Blake (Project Manager), written over 4 years ago

B. Blake

Positive feedback from Hospital Zacamil nurses

We had given one- and two-hour workshops during working hours to three different groups of hospital personnel at the busy, overcrowded, underfunded public hospital, Zacamil in 2010. This time, a group of 18 nurses arranged for a room overlooking Lake Ilopango and went on their day off to take our 3-hour introductory workshop. Some of them came after working the night shift!

Teachers Melba, Yara and Catherine say they really enjoyed the workshop and the participants said they learned a lot. Melba used to work at Hospital Zacamil, so she knows first hand how stressful and demanding the hospital work is, and she wants to support the hospital staff in eny way she can, even though the teachers were not paid. Please help us pay our teachers so that they can continue responding to the demand for workshops in Focusing, Listening and Empathic Communication!

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