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An aid project by “jacksonsaves” (M. D. Jackson) in Accra, Ghana

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M. D. Jackson (Project Manager)

M. D. Jackson
Through these local groups, Jackson is reaching out to, and working to meet the needs of over 800 orphans and vulnerable children, who are being looked after in the community. Training and support is being provided for the extended families, guardians and care-givers of these children in terms of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, support and care activities, as well as helping them meet their own needs through income generation and psychosocial support. Jackson is also helping local people affected by, and infected with, HIV and AIDS to attain long-term sustainability through increased food security. Groups of local people are contributing their own time to establish gardens and community feeding schemes for the most vulnerable and AVERT has helped to provide some of the tools for these community initiatives, such as cooking stoves, large pots and gardening tools.

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Location: Accra, Ghana

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